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5 Tips to Lowering Your Cargo Shipping Costs

  • January, 22 2022


Price may be a very important factor to consider when choosing cargo services. However, most people believe that cargo company arrangements are pretty much set and cannot be changed. Even though everyone is used to the standard methods of shipping and costs associated with them, that doesn’t mean it’s the only way.

Lucky for you, there are a few things you can do to reduce cargo shipping costs

#1. Pack your stuff yourself

Buying all the packaging materials yourself – boxes, tapes, foams, bubble wrap, etc – could help you save some rather than having a cargo company do all the packaging. Furthermore, they might charge you extra for materials and packaging. It is only recommended to seek their assistance if you are not good at packing or have no time to handle such work.

#2. Get quotes from multiple companies

You don’t have to go with a company just because you saw an ad or someone recommended it to you; always do your research. You should always call around to a bunch of cargo companies to learn about their services and to get quotes from them so you can compare them and pick one based on their experience, reputation, and shipping rates.

#3. Buy insurance elsewhere

As some cargo companies charge for everything they do, it’s better to buy things related to shipping yourself like I mentioned in tip one instead of letting them handle it all. One of such things is a shipping insurance which will protect your goods in case of loss or damage while in transit. It’s always a good idea to get quotes from different insurance companies before choosing one.


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#4. Arrange the transportation in advance

Asking for quotes ahead of time allows transportation providers to coordinate all of their cargo with the same routes. During such instances, the transporter maximizes the capacity of its vehicles, thus minimizing the costs related to the shipping service. As a rule of thumb, you should obtain quotes at least seven days before the pickup date

#5. Find the right transportation method

Due to the fact that there are many ways of delivering goods, assessing and reconsidering your mode of transportation will greatly affect the cost of cargo shipping. For example, air freight is the fastest method of shipping, but it is expensive, whereas sea and land transport have much lower costs. Pick the mode that corresponds to how fast you would like the shipment to arrive.
Are there any other ways to reduce cargo shipping expenses besides those listed above? Please comment below which would be helpful to our beloved readers like you